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My connection to Devils Head
My connection to Devils Head
Please share how you are connected to the Devil's Head area. Why is the area special to you?

Thank you for joining the Devils Head MindMixer community!

The US Forest Service is inviting input from the public to help inform recreation opportunities, experiences, and management of the Devils Head area into the future.

Working together, this visioning process will help shape the Devils Head recreation opportunities for the next generation of forest visitors.

The fire lookout at Devil's Head will continue to operate, and access and activities will continue to be managed in a way that allows US Forest Service personnel to safely work in the tower.

Your feedback will help us to better evaluate how the area is currently utilized and valued by the public and other stakeholders.

Click on the Topic Details tab to download a map of the planning area.

More Info:
Map of the area being considered in the Devils Head Recreation Strategy
THIS SURVEY IS NOW CLOSED If you have any questions, please Email us.

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